“Doyle hoops's work is theatrical, romantic, bleak and dreamy.

His images are much influenced by the location of the shoot. He allows it to define a natural relationship with the model, and from there guides the setting till it fulfills his expectation. He likes to experiment with colors, tones and structures…”
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  • 2004

    Freelance positions for various magazines

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  • 2007

    Two exhibitions and major recognition in Europe as an art photographer

    Commedia Dell'arte and LIBIDO. Featured in the permanent exhibition of NATIONALMUSEUM, Sweden's premier museum of art and design.

  • 2008

    Establishing a New York office

    Joins international established image bank Gallery Stock; Two exhibitions: NC at Pontus and the release of Björn Gustafsson at Berns

  • 2013

    Shooting world wide campaign for Zenith with daredevil Felix Baumgartner

    Exhibition Scandic Grand Central - Allure / Condé Nast Russia

  • 2016

    Joining PAM / Personal Art Management in Hamburg; Exhibition "Costume, a homage to Swedish design and men’s fashion"

    A collaboration with Plaza Magazine, Lydmar Hotel and the Swedish Prostate Cancer Federation.


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